SOT Chiropractic: Understanding Category I

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This article aims to explain a bit more about what Maria means if she identifies you as Category I.


SOT Chiropractic deals with the Dural Membrane, which is home to the body’s cerebrospinal fluid. Read more in-depth about SOT in the article “Understanding SOT”.

In a Category I patient, the joints in the pelvis (the Sacro-Iliac joints) become misaligned, resulting in one hip moving in front of the other. As the sacrum rotates, the Sacral Pump mechanism loses its rhythmic function and the Dural membrane is distorted. As the pelvis rotates, the spine becomes asymmetrical, the shoulder girdle reciprocates and the head tilts. All of this prevents the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid, which in turn results in toxicity, poor nutrition of the organs and a lowered level of nerve function.

Because the nervous system controls function throughout the body, Category I symptoms are wide-ranging – from lower back pain and sleep issues to skin problems, and many other complaints.


Treating Category I patients


When treating the misalignment of the pelvic joints that lead to Category I, Maria will use blocks placed under pelvis to relieve pressure on the area, allowing your bodyweight and breathing to reset the Sacro-Iliac joint. This will help the Sacral Pump mechanism to return and for cerebrospinal fluid circulation to resume.

Maria is likely to use these blocks alongside other forms of treatment, which she will choose depending on your individual situation.

If you have questions about Category I, you can ask Maria at your next appointment.


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