Coronavirus Update – Closure due to Lockdown

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With the government announcing a second national lockdown, commencing 5th November 2020, the clinic will be closed until further notice.

The governing body of professional Chiropractors is currently awaiting clarification as to whether or not we can practice, and what new medical health and safety procedures will need to be used if we can.
If we are permitted to re-open with new parameters, I will consider whether it’s safe to do so.  I suspect I will not be permitted to treat all patients.  It is likely I will only be able to treat emergencies and those who are below a certain age threshold and healthy in every other way.
Please stay safe and healthy in the following weeks.
Kind regards
Dr Maria Madge
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About Dr Maria Madge

Maria is a female chiropractor with a clinic in South Norfolk. Having qualified as a Chiropractor in 2008, Maria has added to her training with courses in TMJ, Applied Kinesiology, Nutrition, Pediatrics and Birth Trauma. She has also completed a five-year course in Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT), which looks at the whole of the spine, the cranium and individual organs and helps to restore balance of the nervous system, improving general health and functionality.