“I feel amazed to have found Maria. Having struggled with chronic pain since I was a teenager, it’s amazing to find a practitioner who listens so well and explains what she is doing so thoroughly. Maria’s approach really resonates with me. I feel safe in her hands and I am absolutely amazed at how she has helped my back problems.”

Rebecca, Norwich


“I first went to see Maria when I finally realised that my previous chiropractor of 10+ years was not fixing me and only ‘maintaining’ me as a means to being a monthly income. I arrived at Maria’s door with a pelvis and C-spine that were out of alignment – and to be honest, the bits in between weren’t that great either. It took a few treatments, but I now have a stable pelvis and my neck and other symptoms have improved immeasurably.

I cannot thank Maria enough for what she has achieved. I still have a way to go, but considering the state of me when I first started to see her, the results she has delivered in such a short time are remarkable. Thank you Maria!!”

Client, Norfolk


“Before I went to see Maria, I’d had an ankle injury for approximately 8 months that was stopping me from passing an RAF shuttle run fitness test. During the course of my RAF treatment prior to seeing Maria, I’d had an X-Ray and MRI scan done, with no obvious damage. I was medically downgraded and put on an extended conditioning course to help build up my ankle. And I was seeing a physiotherapist weekly, even attending a 3 week intensive rehabilitation course. All with the aim of being medically upgraded so I could attempt to pass my fitness test so that I could deploy to Afghanistan in the not-too-distant future. Unfortunately, all that improved was my core stability. I would still get an excruciating pain in my ankle if I attempted running or shuttle runs.

When I first saw Maria I had 6 weeks to go until I was supposed to deploy to Afghanistan. Unfortunately for me she found that my body – from the top of my head to the soles of my feet – was essentially broken due to the nature of my job. Within 4 weeks she had fixed my pelvis, legs and ankle so that they were stable enough for me to pass the shuttle run phase of my fitness test in as little pain as possible. I was subsequently upgraded and managed to deploy successfully to Afghanistan – something which I don’t feel I would have achieved had I not gone to see Maria.

I’m still a work in progress but the improvement to my overall wellbeing cannot be quantified. Thank You!!!!”

Client, Norfolk


“My knees have been uncomfortably problematic for many years. Recently descending ladders had become excrutiatingly painful. Replacement joints beckoned … or so I thought. Meeting Dr. Maria Madge at a business networking event was a paradox. This bubbly, outgoing, fast-paced lady introduced herself as a Chiropractor – eh? Intrigued, I decided to explore if she also stood out from the crowd of her competitors. She does.

Finding I have one leg slightly longer than the other was no surprise. Other specialists had said such. However, Maria also discovered a fractionally distorted spine & pelvis, created by muscular adapatations to poor posture from uneven legs. My knees are in fact relatively sound. Initial uncomfortable (no more than that) manipulations started the process. Subsequent deep massage re-awoke sleeping muscles. After only 3 treatments & a heel-lift insert I can now go up & down my ladders as often as I like – painlessly. Thanks Maria, you are a paradox who works wonders!”

Chris, Norwich


“Maria is brilliant ! Having been able to hardly walk due to a painful SI joint I had 2 treatments and felt marvellous x she truly has healing hands thanks so much x”

Rachel, Norfolk


“Maria is a miracle on two legs!!

Her approach, attitude, professionalism and breadth of knowledge puts her head and shoulders above other chiropractors as she seamlessly combines a number of complementary therapies into one to provide a rewarding treatment – not only because she addresses the root cause of the problem (and not the symptoms!!) but also because she makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

If you are worried about having your bones ruthlessly cracked whilst standing in your underwear then don’t, because Maria’s approach is gentle, accurate and discreet, and you remain gowned at all times.

The treatment clinic has a tasteful decor, is clean, welcoming and comfortable.

I would recommend Maria to anyone, especially those of you who are putting up with pain but are wary of complementary therapies. One visit to Maria will leave you wondering why on earth you put up with your pain for so long!!!”

Tessa, Norfolk