Maria’s Approach

In treating each patient, Dr Maria Madge is able to draw on training in a broad range of approaches and techniques, to find the right one to support the individual.


Maria augmented her five-year Masters in Chiropractic with training in Craniopathy, TMJ, Applied Kinesiology, Nutrition, Pediatrics and Birth Trauma. Beyond this, she has completed an additional five-year course in Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT), which is an arm of chiropractic that takes a gentler, less intrusive approach than standard chiropractic manipulation.

“There are some patients who will respond really well to standard chiropractic – however, there are others, especially people with more complex problems, for whom manipulation may not be the best approach.”

Maria believes firmly in dedicating the necessary time with each individual patient, to ensure that she has their full history and a comprehensive understanding of any pain or problems they are dealing with.


About SOT


SOT is a system of chiropractic that is best known for cranial work, as well as detailed analysis and corrections of the pelvis, visceral system and extremities. SOT Chiropractors use the technique to analyse and identify underlying spinal, cranial and organ-related problems in their patients.

The techniques offer a practical understanding of the mechanics and neurology of the body, which works brilliantly alongside traditional chiropractic.

SOT focuses on the relationship between the base of the spine (the Sacrum) and the base of the skull (the Occiput). These areas are important anchor points in the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid, which is essential to good health.

“I decided to train in SOT after discovering how useful it was in helping me with a problem I had been dealing with for years. It’s an incredibly useful tool in treating patients – especially those with more complex problems.”

SOT can be extremely effective when working with both adults and children, and offers a gentle alternative to traditional manipulation techniques.

You can read more about SOT in the Articles & Information section of this website.