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Please call on 01953 860514 / 07738085455 to book your appointment.

What Appointment Type Is Right For You?

Initial Consultation:

Your initial consultation will usually take up to a hour, allowing Maria to find out about your history and you needs. Initial appointments cost £80 for an adult, and £50 for a child.

Standard Chiropractic Treatment:

A standard chiropractic treatment takes around 45 minutes. This is suitable for patients who have an established treatment plan in place or require maintenance. Standard appointments cost £55.

Treatment Covered Under Private Medical Insurance:

This treatment will usually last 45 minutes and is for people who are being treated under their Private Medical Insurance. Please call the office to find out if we are registered as a Chiropractic provider with your insurance company.

Chiropractic Treatment for Children:

This treatment trakes around 30 minutes and is suitable for children up to 16 years of age (including babies). Appointments for children cost from £30 (initial appointment is £50).
If you find yourself in need of an emergency appointment, please don’t hesitate to call on 01953 860514 / 07738 085 455. We have a cancellation list, and will do our best to fit you in.